September in the Garden: A Dance of Preparation and Planting

by Lisa Tersigni

Hey there, fellow garden lovers! As August's sweltering heat gracefully bows out, September gracefully takes center stage. A pivotal month, September marries the warmth of summer with a hint of the oncoming autumn chill. So, as the leaves start their subtle transition to vibrant hues, what's the story in our gardens?

Cool-Season Crops: A Fresh Start

planting spinach

September whispers in the ears of gardeners, “It's time for a second act!” Those of you who think gardening is solely a spring activity, think again. Now’s the moment for planting cool-season crops. Dreaming of crisp radishes, fresh lettuce, and creamy spinach in your salads? Pop the seeds in now, and you’ll be reaping the delicious benefits in no time. And for those who fancy green peas and carrots, this month is your cue to get started.

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Flowers that Shout ‘Fall is Here!’


September isn't just about veggies. It’s also an opportune time to introduce colors that'll paint your garden with autumn vibes. Chrysanthemums, asters, and goldenrods are the triad of September blooms. Their fiery reds, deep purples, and sunny yellows become the garden's main attractions, providing a stark contrast against the calming greens.

Maintenance and Cleanup

garden maintenance

While there's a lot of fun in planting, let's not forget our duty to maintain what's already flourishing. September is often seen as the month of garden cleanup. Start by trimming back perennials that have finished their summer show. Deadhead spent flowers, and if you've got fruit trees, pick up any fallen fruits to keep pests at bay.

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Mulching: Your Garden’s Best Friend


As temperatures dip, our plants need an extra layer of warmth. Enter mulch. Mulching in September helps to conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress those pesky weeds. Plus, as organic mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients back to the soil. Think of it as a cozy blanket for your plants!

Lawn Love

fertilizing lawn

Let’s not forget the staple of many gardens: the lawn. September is prime time for lawn care. Consider reseeding any bare patches, aerating compacted areas, and giving it one last good fertilize before the frost sets in. This ensures a lush, green carpet waiting to greet you come spring.

Pest Patrol

garden pests

With the change of season, pests are on the move. Slugs, snails, and even aphids might see your garden as their next feast. Be vigilant! Natural remedies, like diatomaceous earth for slugs or neem oil for aphids, can be your go-to. Remember, it's all about balance. A few bugs are essential for a thriving ecosystem.

Prepping for Winter

gardening in winter

While winter might seem ages away, prepping in September can save a lot of heartaches later. If you've got tender perennials, consider how you'll protect them from the frost. Whether it's moving pots indoors, using cloches, or even applying a thick mulch layer, a bit of planning now ensures your plants thrive in the colder months.

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Garden Reflections: Planning Ahead

garden planning

As you sip your pumpkin spice latte, take a moment to reflect on your garden's journey so far. What worked? What didn’t? Jot down notes, sketch out plans, or even take photos. This reflective practice isn’t just therapeutic; it helps you plan for the next gardening season with greater insight.

Enjoy the Harvest

harvesting vegetables

Amidst all the work, take time to enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of your labor. September often brings a bounty of harvests – from juicy tomatoes to zesty herbs. Share them with family, friends, or even neighbors. After all, a garden’s joy is magnified when shared.


September isn’t just another month; it’s a transition, an opportunity, and a celebration for gardeners. Whether you're an experienced gardener or someone just starting out, embrace the magic that September brings. So, put on your gardening gloves, and let’s make this September memorable!